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Managing Pasture
  • Managing Pasture shows how the productivity of pastures can be vastly increased through the understanding and management of the physiology of different pasture plants incorporated into a comprehensive grazing plan to maximize animal production. Best of all, these recommendations for increasing productivity are not based on the increased use of expensive, and often environmentally destructive, inputs such as herbicides and fertilizers. Instead they are based on attention to management details like the amount of leaf area left after a grazing episode and the timing of grazing in relation to season; plant lifecycle and plant growth stage are highlighted.

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    Managing Pasture

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      Using the techniques found in this book, readers have found ways to increase the production of animal products from their land severalfold over what was achieved with typical status quo management and have, at the same time, increased the ecosystem services provided by their pasture, such as cleaner and more abundant water, more plentiful wildlife, and increased soil carbon content


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